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Club fittings

Find your new playing partners today.

Golf club fittings are essential for any golfer looking to improve their game. With the right fit, you can optimize your swing and achieve greater accuracy and distance. Our expert team is here to help you find the perfect fit for your game. Take your skills to the next level and book your club fitting today.

Schedule Your Fitting Today:

Looking to get a jumpstart on the upcoming golf season? PARfect Swing Club-Fittings are designed to elevate your golf game, from tee to green.

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With the purchase of new clubs, the entire cost of your club fitting is put directly towards the total price of your new clubs.


PARfect Swing offers club selections from Taylormade, Callaway, COBRA and Ping. Contact us today to book your next fitting.

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PARfect Demo Days:

Find your new playing partner.

Each year, PARfect Swing welcomes representatives from Callaway, Taylormade, COBRA and Ping to host special fittings days free of charge. Customers can reserve select times for their complementary club fitting.

Please note, as PARfect Swing offers Titleist clubs for order, PARfect Swing does not host Titleist Demo Days.


Importance of Club Fitting:

Finding the right fit for your golf game is extremely important and something our fitters take very seriously.

  • Variables such as posture, athleticism, even hand size will determine how the clubhead will impact the golf ball

  • Uneven Lie angles (how the clubhead “lies” on top of the ground when addressing the ball) may lead to “toed” or “heeled” shotmaking

  • Overly stiff shafts may be compromising the amount of lag achieved in your swing costing you distance off the tee


Our fitters at PARfect swing recognize that no two golf swings are the same. Our fitters take the time to analyze what your golf swing and game need and aspire to make you a better player.

With over 60 years of combined experience, our fitters will find your best fit!


We use the very latest Trackman technology to examine your golf swing and ensure our visual examination of your swing matches up with the various data elements Trackman provides.


Club Fitting Prices:

Driver - $90

Woods -$90

Hybrid - $90

Irons - $90

Wedges - $90

Putter - $90

Full Bag - $245

Master Fitter Rates (Driver, Irons, Wedges) - $125

Master Fitter Rates (Full Bag) - $300

Conducted by our Host Professional, our Master Fitting rates place 30 years of experience behind your new clubs. Club deposits are required for all fitting options.

NEW IN 2024:

callaway promo2.jpg

"Sweeter From Every Spot" is not a phrase Callaway takes lightly...


The revolutionary Ai Smoke lineup showcases Callaway's ability to dive into Ai generated technology. By studying more than 200,000 unique swings, Callaway's 2024 lineup features the most advanced Ai Smart Face on the market.


Take your game to the HIGHEST level and catch all the smoke, Ai sold separately.

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